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Why K2?
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Welcome to K2.

Working at K2 opens a world of opportunities. Innovation is the cornerstone of our fast-paced business. Since 1997, we have been changing the face of the recruitment industry with dynamic, effective solutions.

It’s our responsibility to support each person at K2 to be the best they can be. By nurturing our talent, we guide them to achieve their unique goals, helping us to keep our place as an industry leader.


Innovation is at the heart of what K2 is and does. It’s key to the way we partner with our clients; it’s in how we develop and utilize technologies to deliver amazing experiences; and it’s central to how we work together and help each other to achieve more.

We encourage everyone to think differently, to drive change through new and innovative ways, deliver a great service and create amazing opportunities for growth.

“K2 is at the forefront of digital transformation. The company is a place where everyone has the opportunity to be heard. I was presented with a chance to grow and take on a new career. I couldn’t pass up on that.”

Cherie, Senior Technical Recruiter


K2’s success is borne out of the success of our people and we’re all about helping you to achieve your true potential.
We’ll provide the training you need to develop your skills, and the support and infrastructure necessary for you to be successful. We believe everyone should know what is expected for them to succeed. We provide a clearly defined and transparent career development path so everyone knows how their career will develop and what they need to do to achieve it.
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Jean, Account Executive

“Every new challenge at K2 shows that it’s our people who really are the ones responsible for our company’s successes and changes. It’s their engagement that helps create the best ideas.”


K2 recognizes a true sense of belonging is great for our business, crucial for the morale of our people, and helps everyone succeed. Our business is built on a foundation of trust, celebrating difference, nurturing the talent of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and recognizing the value diversity can bring to our company and the companies and talent we partner with.
Belonging means creating equal opportunities for everyone, fostering strong local and global team dynamics, sharing experiences and learning from each other, and encouraging collaboration across all aspects of our business.

“At K2 I found a place that would fulfill my personal ambitions and give me the opportunity to be an influential part of a team. The company lit a new fire inside me to be the best I can be.”

Sebastian, IT Support Team Leader
sebastian, it support team leader

Benefits & Rewards

Our company culture is one of our most valued assets. Our team members are much more than just employees.

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Wellbeing Initiatives

Where will your K2 career take you?

With 25 locations all around the world, we have a wide range of exciting new, flexible opportunities throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia.


4 Opportunities Available


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1 Opportunities Available

Did you know?

Collectively, we speak 23 different languages.

Women make up over 50% of our workforce.

We’ve reduced our paper consumption by over 75%*

21% of our team has been with us for over five years

*2021 figures compared to 2015.

Exactly who is K2? What do we stand for?

We focus on our people. Giving them all they need to thrive is central to our company culture.

So, what's it like to work with K2?

We’ve had some great feedback from our new starters over the last 12 months…


feel valued as a K2 employee


feel fully accepted by their co-workers


recommend K2 as a great place to work


of our managers started with us at entry-level

Realize your true potential

Compliance Administrator

Location: Minato City
, Japan

Solution Sales Specialist

Location: Boston
, United States

Technical Recruiter

Location: Napoli
, Italy

Sales Consultant

Location: Curitiba
, Brazil

Head of PMO

Location: Singapore
, Singapore

APAC Legal & Compliance Specialist

Location: Manila
, Philippines

Technology Solutions Sales Executive

Location: Miami
, United States

Account Executive

Location: Minato City
, Japan

Head of Corporate Development

Location: Miami
, United States

Junior Sales Associate

Location: Minato City
, Japan

Salesforce Project Manager

Location: Trujillo
, Peru

Sales Associate

Location: Genève
, Switzerland

Sales Associate

Location: Zürich

Senior Sales Executive

Location: Minato City
, Japan

Global Resource Allocation Manager

Location: Miami
, United States

Regional Learning and Performance Management Associate (APAC)

Location: Minato City
, Japan

Sales Associate

Location: Madrid
, Spain

Qualtrics Consultant

Location: São Paulo
, Brazil

Sales Associate

Location: Greater London
, United Kingdom

Technology Director

Location: Singapore
, Singapore
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