Five Ways to Stand out as a Tech Candidate

You’ve got the experience, but how do you make it sing?

The world of technology has evolved exponentially over the past few decades, so it’s no surprise that the tech profession has changed just as radically. IT and technology professionals are no longer confined to the dark recesses of back-office business, with limited interaction.

Today’s tech roles are exciting, fast-paced, and often team-centric. And because the industry itself has changed, so too have the expectations of hiring managers – and in turn, there is a need for you to stand out from your peers.

Top tips for landing the best tech roles:

Skilled and experienced technology candidates are still in high demand, but there’s a great deal of competition. So, how do you make your own experience stand out to a hiring manager?

  1. Lead with research: You’re part of an industry that requires you to be on the ball. Because of the rapid pace of change, it’s essential you keep on top of industry and company news. If you’re keen on a particular organization, you need to know where its future is rooted and be as clued up as possible. Your research should be as tailored as your CV.
  2. Highlight actual achievements: Your CV needs to shout about why you’re the right person for the job in question. Hiring managers want to see what you’ve actually achieved in your career – but as with research, your achievements need to be tailored so they’re relevant to each role. You should also avoid being too general when talking about your successes; hiring managers are interested in metrics, and evidence or work performed. Find out what’s in high demand in your area of expertise, and evidence these skills in your CV and LinkedIn profile.
  3. Shout about your soft skills: Today’s technology industry thrives on collaboration, communication and teamwork. You could be dealing with people in other teams, other disciplines, and even other countries, so being able to communicate effectively is no longer a ‘nice to have’. Hiring managers value flexibility and project-management skills in their tech recruits, along with those skills already mentioned, so don’t leave out your soft skills, other examples include creativity, dependability, empathy and integrity.
  4. Never stop learning: Whether it’s critical thinking, problem-solving, project management, programming, interpersonal skills, or new technologies, you should constantly be learning, developing, and evolving. Just like the software you’re always updating, your professional expertise is strengthened by new and ever-changing capabilities. A tech candidate that stands out for continual self-improvement is bound to be a top pick for any forward-thinking company. Ensure you add any related certifications to your CV and LinkedIn profile.
  5. What’s your USP? Do you know? Think about what you can uniquely offer. Why you? What’s your unique combination of personal attributes? Do you know what you’re selling? We tend to only think of companies having USPs, but you are your own product – so show off everything that makes you, you. You can use LinkedIn recommendations to really make this hit home. Gather them from past colleagues, employers, anyone you’ve had professional dealings with. They’re like a stamp of authenticity for your skills.

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