How to Develop Your Personal Brand

Having a personal brand means that you create a unique professional identity for yourself, setting you apart from others in your industry or company. Your personal brand is vital when it comes to making a good impression to prospective employers, showcasing credibility within your industry and forming a quality professional network.

Here are some simple techniques that will help to develop your personal brand and take your career to the next level:

Step 1 – Do your research

Before embarking on your personal brand development, think about where you want to be at certain milestones in your career and consider your goals throughout this timeframe. This way you will have objectives to work towards and keep your personal brand development focused.

Once you have established these aims, define your audience. Think about who you are trying to influence with your personal brand, whether they be recruiters, industry thought leaders or a particular company. Consider what skills and accolades appeal to them and then align your own traits with these so that you can begin showcasing them to your audience.

Step 2 – Get online

When you have decided upon your career goals, target audience and key offerings, start to strengthen your personal brand online.

Social media is a powerful tool to help you make connections and promote your professional profile. LinkedIn and Twitter are the two key platforms on which to build an online presence. Make sure that your profile picture is a professional headshot and you have completed all sections of your profile. You can then begin posting and engaging with relevant content for your audience. Your posts should be well-written with no spelling or grammatical errors.

A great example of how to strengthen your online presence is to start writing a blog. This will give you the opportunity to offer your thoughts on the latest trends and developments in your industry, showcasing your insights. Sharing your work on your social media profiles is a great way to start conversations with your network. If you do decide to begin blog writing, make sure you update it regularly to keep your content fresh and to demonstrate your up-to-date knowledge. It will also encourage readers to regularly visit your site to read your latest content.

Building your personal brand centers upon not only creating your own content but also engaging with other people’s posts. Sharing and commenting on other professionals’ content is a great way to increase your exposure to your desired audience. It also encourages more engagement on your own articles and social media posts.

K2’s online talent platform, K2 Konnect, offers the ideal opportunity for professionals to build their online personal brand. Not only does it allow members of the community to post content and get involved in discussions, but it helps them make sure key information about their skills and certifications are up to date. Clients can provide ratings for members, demonstrating their experience and the quality of their deliverables. With a direct messaging feature, K2 Konnect also gives professionals a chance to easily maintain direct connections with K2 recruiters.

Step 3 – Make and maintain connections

Attending formal, informal or online industry networking events is an important element of building a strong network that will respond to your personal brand.

Before attending any event, do your research about who will be attending so that you can connect with them (on LinkedIn for example) beforehand. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself! You can offer to meet them, whether before, during or after the event, to discuss your industry, knowledge and insights. You can then maintain your relationship with them by engaging with their social media content or sending them a message to ask their opinion about a new development for example.

These key steps will help to strengthen your personal brand, adding significant value to your career. You will be able to showcase your experience and key skills, as well as build a strong network of beneficial connections. With a strong personal brand, you will have the tools and platform to help you achieve your career goals.

Are you a tech candidate looking to stand out from the competition? Take a look at our advice about how to make your LinkedIn profile the best it can be!


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