K2’s Worldwide Commitment

At K2, we recognize the importance of upholding our corporate responsibility and promoting environmental awareness throughout our organization. 

Each of our global offices champions a local charity drive, ranging from sustainability efforts to community support. For example, in 2020 K2 Dallas got involved in supporting their local community by helping with a local clean-up of a pond area in the city. Now, every two months, they will join other clean-up efforts in the area to continue their support of the community.

Additionally, the San Francisco office recently celebrated contributing to the planting of 100 trees in California through the charity, One Tree Planted. This is a non-profit organization that plants one tree anywhere in the world per dollar donated to them.

Throughout 2019, K2 Mexico committed to charitable efforts in each of the year’s quarters. Activities included visiting Asilo Mundet’, a residential home for the elderly, to play games with and chat to the residents.  In addition, they donated to Fundación Origen,  an organization that works to protect women against gender violence.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, members of the K2 team contributed to communities based in our worldwide locations. K2 Brazil made significant, ongoing donations in association with DIA supermarkets, a leading food retailer in Brazil, Spain, Portugal and Argentina. Our team in Brazil pledged to donate five baskets, each containing 10kg of food, for each deal made from 1st May 2020. These baskets were invaluable to those affected by COVID-19, who are struggling to feed their families.

K2 is committed to contributing to the environment and communities, both as a global business and as individuals. As well as our organization’s support of charities such as One Tree Planted, every team member receives one day a year where they can volunteer to a registered charity of their choice. We shall continue to positively impact our local and global communities.

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