What can you Learn When Starting a Career With K2?

Whether joining K2 fresh from university or with years of experience behind you, we champion each of our employees’ professional development. From the outset of your career with us, you will be encouraged to acquire new, invaluable skills. This support will help you achieve goals, excel, and take you to the next level in your career.

We spoke to some of our team members to find out how working at K2 has enabled them to deepen their industry knowledge and broaden their skillsets:

Álvaro Pérez 

I joined K2 on the 19th of September 2017 as part of the Madison Kay Team.

My line manager was instrumental in my professional development. When I first joined K2, I had a little experience in general recruitment, but no understanding of the business or some of the technologies I was going to recruit for.

During the first weeks, I was given the chance to take on global responsibility. This enabled me to interact with new markets and cultures, expand my industry knowledge and build expertise in different security technologies. It also pushed me to improve my English language skills.

Initially, my line manager equipped me with me the basics I needed for the job such as……. As time went by they supported me and encouraged me to be more strategic and develop a sales-oriented way of working. They helped me to visualize my career and define my goals They believed in me and pushed me to become the salesperson I am now. I was taught the importance of consistency, commitment and accountability. These are skills that I still rely on and try to teach to my junior colleagues today.

My first year working at K2 was decisive in my career. For me, it has meant everything in the process of becoming a full professional. K2 gave me the chance to learn about what it means to succeed in a big company and how to behave in a real business environment so that I now feel professionally fulfilled and empowered for the first time.

Giorgi Moseshvili

It’s already been over a year since I started working at K2 and so far I’ve learned many things.

The first is not to be afraid of making mistakes because that’s the best way to learn. It’s also important to know that you need to stay two steps ahead to be successful in the IT world.

The experience I’ve gained since starting at K2 has been especially valuable because of my varied and rewarding daily work here. Every day I form relationships and experience negotiations with clients and candidates from different backgrounds and countries.

My main focus is on helping IT professionals to upskill in the modern digital economy to be more valuable and effective in today’s challenging and ever-changing market. Meanwhile, I am able to develop relationships with niche enterprise consultants at the same time. These two sides of the process have really helped me gain valuable skills.

In this tough industry, time management and a sense of responsibility are especially important, both of which I was able to improve on since I started working at K2 with the help of my fantastic team.

K2 offers a collaborative and stimulating environment for employees, exposing them to new opportunities and challenges to help them develop rewarding careers.

To find out more about what it’s like working for K2 and our latest opportunities, get in touch with us or email #WeAreK2

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