What Makes Us, Us

At K2 we dedicate one day each year to celebrate and examine our company culture. Each office stops work and explores different themes ranging from K2’s values to sustainability. 

In 2022 though, we wanted to take time to look more deeply into how we support our own people, as well as global communities and the planet. Throughout May, we focused on three key themes:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Our People and Communities
  • Career Development

We spent one week exploring each individual theme. People from all departments and regions hosted webinars for their peers about topics close to their hearts. We also heard from external speakers who held insightful workshops and gave some fantastic advice, ranging from how to manage work stress to diversity in the workplace. 

Here is an overview of the first-ever K2 Culture Month:

Culture Month is a key opportunity in the year for us to concentrate on vital collaboration and communication. It’s important that we take the time to listen to our team members from all around the world, in every area of our business. Giving each person a voice helps us to further improve our company culture for everyone. We can also motivate and support one another to help create a better world for both our local and global communities.

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