K2 Recognized as a Most Loved Place to Work

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, it’s easy to overlook the importance of creating a positive and nurturing work culture for employees. At K2 Partnering Solutions, we firmly believe that a happy and engaged workforce is the foundation of success. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we have been recognized with a Most Loved Workplaces® certification. This is a testament to our commitment to fostering a culture we can all be proud of.

So what does this mean? Most Loved Workplaces® commends companies where employees are the happiest and most satisfied at work. K2 was recognized as a Most Loved Workplace based on its scores on the Love of Workplace Index™ which surveyed employees on various elements around employee satisfaction and sentiment including the level of respect, collaboration, support and sense of belonging they feel inside the company.

Here’s an insight in how how we nurture our people and give them the means to succeed:


Nurturing a Strong Company Culture

K2 has always been driven to create an organization where employees feel valued, inspired and supported to reach their full potential. Our culture hinges on the passion and dedication of our people.

To give them the motivation to achieve success and create innovative solutions, we work to continually improve our people’s work-life balance. To achieve this, we provide a hybrid environment (blending on-site and remote work options), frequent wellness webinars, free days for birthdays and more. Moreover, we actively encourage our team to engage in community service activities, fostering a sense of purpose beyond the office walls.

“I’m really, really happy right now! I’m learning from the very best. I’m so grateful for the opportunity K2 has given me. I want to stay here for as long as I can, continuing to grow and succeed as a professional.”

– Laura Zacatenco, Junior Business Intelligence Analyst, Mexico


Creating Opportunities for Growth

We have established robust learning and development programs and career navigation for each department. Our employees all have access to training resources, workshops and mentorship opportunities that enable them to enhance their skills and grow both personally and professionally.

Promoting internal mobility is another vital aspect of our approach. We nurture our people’s talent, giving them the opportunity to explore diverse roles within the company, leading to a stronger, more versatile workforce.

“I never saw myself as a manager but the trust, support and motivation I get at K2 makes me want to get the soft skills and experience to lead people. I now believe I can!”

– Fernando Lira, Senior Business Systems Specialist, São Paulo

Recognizing and Celebrating Achievements

We celebrate individual and collective achievements, big and small. Acknowledging hard work and dedication is key to motivating and inspiring our team.

We offer a bonus to one person from our Shared Services department (including marketing, finance and operations teams) who has performed exceptionally well per quarter. We also give our top performing people the opportunity to land a place on our annual, fully hosted incentive trip.

We know that everyone at K2 has innovative and creative ideas. That’s why we give people who are not yet managers the opportunity to join our leadership team for strategy meetings and key events. This is decided upon not only general performance. We open contests so that everyone can propose business development ideas. This way we can discover and celebrate the rising stars of our company, regardless of whether they’re a junior member of the team.

“I won an internal contest and the prize was to go to Dreamforce. It was a mind blowing experience where I truly recognized that I’m part of a global company that works with the biggest technologies, with the best people.”

– Gabriel Seraphim, Recruitment Manager, Mexico


Transparency and Inclusivity

Transparency is a cornerstone of K2’s culture. We ensure that our employees are well-informed about company decisions, goals and challenges with frequent webinars and open chats from members of our executive board, including our CEO. People are free to put forward questions, insights and opinions. This inclusivity fosters a sense of ownership and involvement among our team members, making them feel like valued stakeholders.

“K2’s culture thrives because everyone has valuable ideas. They can voice them at any time and they know they will be listened to by leaders, managers and even the CEO. Managers also go through training so that they truly understand the importance of listening.”

– Camila Tealdo, Learning and Performance Management Associate, Madrid


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We understand the vital importance of diversity, equity and inclusion. Embracing different perspectives and experiences enriches our work environment and increases our chances of tackling complex problems thanks to our people’s varied backgrounds and experiences.

“I’m proud to be part of a company that hires women in IT and promotes equal payment, that broke the bias of hiring a Latina in the UK and that never opposed my integrity of openly being a lesbian.”

– Zaidy Ramirez, Global Director of Salesforce Managed Services, São Paulo

Receiving the Most Loved Workplaces® certification is a great honor for K2. We’re grateful for our employees’ trust and belief in our vision. We’ll continue to work tirelessly to maintain this recognition and take our workplace culture to even greater heights.
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