How K2 is building new sales careers from the ground up



In the competitive world of work, getting onto the first rung of any career ladder is tough. Candidates with extensive knowledge and skills dominate when it comes to landing interviews, but shouldn’t people without prior experience be given the chance to thrive and create the very best solutions for top organizations? At K2, we know that there is a wealth of undiscovered talent out there, waiting to hone their skills and demonstrate their unique skills and insights. 

That’s why we created our global Academy programs. Each year, we take on entry-level professionals and provide them with a springboard to start a successful new career at K2. Whether they want to start a job in sales, recruitment or IT, the only requirement they need is a thirst to thrive and offer innovative solutions for the world’s best business and professionals.

We provide all the foundations to help them start work fast. Our Academy programs give them the training, coaching and insights into how to maintain long term professional development. They also benefit greatly from working alongside our dynamic teams, who are always on hand to offer them key support and advice. 

At the end of 2023, we had a new intake of people in Brazil who wanted to begin a fast-paced career in sales. The training and development they receive will mean that they will hold Account Executive positions by the end of 2024, working with top companies and the most talented technology professionals on the market. 

We asked them about their motivations for joining our Sales Academy in Brazil and their thoughts about joining K2. Here’s what they had to say:

“My experience with K2 has been amazing! I’ve learned a lot about recruitment and business development, but the highlight was mastering how to deal with people. Working with more experienced colleagues gave me a clear picture of what it’s like to be a professional here.

I really admire the veterans of the company. They act as natural mentors, and I already see myself wanting to be like them in the future. I aim to soak up their knowledge and experience to become a solid professional and contribute significantly to the team. I’m excited to follow this path and grow together with K2!”

– Beatriz dos Santos Xavier

“I was driven to join K2’s Academy thanks to my passion for innovation and a desire to enhance my skills. The experience has been transformative, fostering collaboration and pushing boundaries. I’m excited to make impactful contributions throughout my K2 career.”

– Mateus Lenhare

“My experience at K2 has been fantastic. We’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot about our field and technology. I want to use this knowledge to build a solid career and advance within K2. Thanks Luis.”

– Luis Paulo Vaz Martins

“The Academy journey is greatly supporting me to enhance my skills and personal development, as well as gaining more responsibilities. I look forward to contributing with innovative solutions and thriving in K2’s dynamic environment.”

– Mauricio Navarro do Nascimento

“My experience with K2 has been fantastic. The Academy program not only offers valuable insights to help us in our journey with the company, but also promotes a friendly and collaborative learning environment. I’m very happy to be part of the team and I intend to build a long and solid journey with K2, always aiming for professional and personal improvement and good relationships with my colleagues.”

– Leonan Prata da Silva de Lima

“After two years in the recruitment team, I enthusiastically transitioned to sales at K2. I admire the company deeply and I’m excited to contribute meaningfully. I’m eager to grow and evolve professionally in this new challenge.”

– Isabela R Santos

If you would like to learn more about working with K2, don’t hesitate to talk to us today.


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