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We are looking for talented Sales Associates and Technical Recruiters in different countries!

Sales Associate

Do you have an entrepreneurial attitude and like to challenge yourself?

This is your chance to learn, develop new skills and begin an exciting new career as a Sales Associate.

In this role, you can consolidate and implement your sales techniques! You will be included in a training plan that will allow you to get an in-depth insight into the solutions K2 offers on the market and learn all the technical skills needed to follow the entire sales cycle in the IT world.

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Technical Recruiter

Would you like to work with the best talent in the IT world by offering them the latest deals on the market?

Then, it is the right time for you to join the K2 Recruitment Team in the role of Technical Recruiter!

You will be able to broaden your skills in the field of IT Recruitment, working with the most in vogue technologies on the market. You’ll get to hone your technical assessment and negotiation techniques, as well as always be updated about the newest IT market trends.

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Relationship building

A career in Sales is a career based on the relationships you build.

Developing trust with your clients is central to finding success. At K2, trust is what ensures the long term success of a client relationship.

Grit and persistence are what will get you through the challenging times and drive you to find the best possible solutions.

If you’re resilient and have what it takes to build strong, lasting relationships you could be very successful in sales!

Knowledge and insights.

Knowing where to focus your efforts will bring you closer to achieving results.

We’ll show you how to nurture the right leads, how to approach sales meetings and when to shift focus.

Thanks to our expertise in the IT space, we can help you gain important knowledge of our market and become an expert in your field. You’ll then be able to use this knowledge to get successful results from your conversations with clients.

On the Job Training

Every day is a lesson at K2. Our training program is very hands-on, allowing you to learn as you work. Although it’s important to understand the theory and principles of sales, ultimately the only real way to learn is to just do it.

You’ll learn how our systems work and meet team members who can share their experiences. We’ll set you challenges and teach you about the technologies you’ll be talking about.

All of this will take time and will test you, but we promise it’s worth it. You’ll see the rewards of your hard work when that revenue starts translating into commissions.

For the New-Beginnings.

We need someone who enjoys a challenge and is hungry for success.

K2 Academies are the perfect way for people starting out in their careers. You’ll get a taste of what it’s like to work at K2, learn new skills and be part of our exciting and innovative business.

Our training programs are structured around, and focused on sales specific knowledge, giving you the tools, skills and confidence you need to be successful. We’ll also give you all the mentoring and coaching you need to achieve more.

“I chose to join K2’s Academy because they offer the best training, preparing their people for success when working with the biggest tech companies in the world.

Max LaRocque, Technical Recruiter, Boston

So what’s it like to work with K2?

Our new starters over the last 12 months reported that:

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their co-workers

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K2 employee

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See what our employees have said:

Joining K2 means embracing a constantly evolving adventure where your talent can find room to grow, where innovative ideas are encouraged, and where every day is an opportunity to push the limits. It means being part of a family of passionate professionals from all over the world, ready to support you and share your challenges and triumphs. It is a privilege to be part of this incredible organization!”

Roberta Borrelli

Technical Recruiter (Italy)

K2’s culture has been pivotal in propelling my career forward. In this dynamic setting, I’ve delved into cutting-edge technologies, engaged with global tech leaders to discuss their projects, and mastered the art of fast-paced sales. K2’s environment has been instrumental in my journey to success.


Bruno Lomardo

Sales Associate (Germany)

The introduction of a comprehensive training strategy for sales has really boosted my career development. It’s given me a theoretical foundation for my job but has also empowered me to apply my unique style and approach when engaging with prospects and clients, resulting in more effective and personal interactions.”


Yasmine Mejhed

Sales Consultant (London)

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