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Applying for a new role can be a daunting process. Here are some of our candidates’ frequently asked questions to help put your mind at ease.

Getting Prepared

It is a good time to do some extra research when we invite you to speak to the Hiring Manager. You’ll talk about your experiences and what your skills can bring to the business.

Here are some tips that will help you prepare:

Getting Started

There’s a tailored onboarding program available for all associates, regardless of their background, role or level of experience.

Our Learning and Development (L&D) team will work with you and your manager to understand what is the best onboarding plan for you. The actual onboarding could be virtual training, on the job, in person and coaching sessions too.

Continued training is at the core of what we do and combined with ambitious career progression plans will give you the framework to succeed. Everyone at K2, regardless of department, can ask for additional training to build their skills and achieve their goals.

Our Culture

Our culture is about success, innovation and belonging. We want to give our team members the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

If we could describe our culture with an analogy, we’d say it’s like a bag of mixed sweets (or candy, for those in America). Our people come from all walks of life. All of them are, in their own unique ways, resilient, determined, driven, self-motivated, and adaptable to change.

Our culture is a fundamental part of who we are and our CEO talks about it with a lot of pride.

We have a lot of flexibility and you can work from the comfort of your home, from the office, or a mix of both!

You also have the chance of working from other K2 offices around the world if you are ever in a city where we have an office.

We want you to have a work routine that works for you and that puts you in control of your agenda and your responsibilities, retaining the flexibility that was brought with the pandemic and combining that with opportunities for you to socialize with your colleagues.

Succeeding at K2

Success happens quickly at K2! In 2021 we had 178 promotions (that is around 50% of our team).

It usually takes between six and twelve months for your first promotion. The majority of our associates get promoted once every calendar year until they have reached a more senior or management level. Some high achievers can get promoted even faster and more times in the year.

Our Career Navigations allow everyone to know what they need to do to be promoted and the criteria for success.


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