Women are making waves in technology .

Be part of it.

Be part of the technology revolution with our IT Academy in Brazil & México

This is your chance to learn, develop new skills and begin an exciting new career in the Salesforce environment.

Our latest IT Academy is the perfect way for you to build vital technology skills and start an exciting new career at K2. This is your chance to be part of our exciting and innovative business and create innovative solutions for the world’s best companies.

For the New-Beginnings.

All you need is a desire to get started in the world of Salesforce, the world’s number one Customer Relationship Management tool.

Our training programs are structured around, and focused on, giving you the knowledge, tools and skills you need to be successful. We’ll also give you all the mentoring and coaching you need to achieve your biggest goals.

Relationship building

A career in Sales is a career based on the relationships you build.

Developing trust with your clients is central to finding success. At K2, trust is what ensures the long term success of a client relationship.

Grit and persistence are what will get you through the challenging times and drive you to find the best possible solutions.

If you’re resilient and have what it takes to build strong, lasting relationships you could be very successful in sales!

Knowledge and insights.

Knowing where to focus your efforts will bring you closer to achieving results.

We’ll show you how to nurture the right leads, how to approach sales meetings and when to shift focus.

Thanks to our expertise in the IT space, we can help you gain important knowledge of our market and become an expert in your field. You’ll then be able to use this knowledge to get successful results from your conversations with clients.

On the Job Training

Every day is a lesson at K2. Our training program is very hands-on, allowing you to learn as you work. Although it’s important to understand the theory and principles of sales, ultimately the only real way to learn is to just do it.

You’ll learn how our systems work and meet team members who can share their experiences. We’ll set you challenges and teach you about the technologies you’ll be talking about.

All of this will take time and will test you, but we promise it’s worth it. You’ll see the rewards of your hard work when that revenue starts translating into commissions.

For the New-Beginnings.

We need someone who enjoys a challenge and is hungry for success.

K2 Academies are the perfect way for people starting out in their careers. You’ll get a taste of what it’s like to work at K2, learn new skills and be part of our exciting and innovative business.

Our training programs are structured around, and focused on sales specific knowledge, giving you the tools, skills and confidence you need to be successful. We’ll also give you all the mentoring and coaching you need to achieve more.

“I chose to join K2’s Academy because they offer the best training, preparing their people for success when working with the biggest tech companies in the world.

Max LaRocque, Technical Recruiter, Boston

So what’s it like to work with K2?

Our new starters over the last 12 months reported that:

women are fully accepted in tech at k2


feel fully accepted by
their co-workers

women in technology feel valued at k2 icon


feel valued as a
K2 employee

k2 is a great place to work icon


recommend K2 as a
great place to work

See what our employees have said:

At K2, my expectations were exceeded from the start. Equality is not just a word here… I was thrilled to see women leaders respected and admired for their skill and leadership ability, even in an area like TI. Equal opportunity is inspiring. At K2, everyone has a chance to shine, It is a true example of diversity, with a significant presence of women which only tends to grow. Here, we are more than co-workers, we are a community united by values of respect and mutual growth. I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Nathalia Bassi

Salesforce Business Analyst – Brazil

My journey at K2 has been both rewarding and challenging, I always enjoyed working with data and after working for a while in the company’s administrative sector, I got the opportunity to migrate to the IT area. Today I work in the Global Data Solutions team, where I can exchange knowledge and learn from the best professionals. I look forward to continuing to develop myself professionally, it has been an incredible journey full of learning.”

Joyce Araujo

Senior BI Analyst – Brazil

K2 is a company that recognizes and rewards success, based purely on merit. I was made a member of the Executive Board in 2017 as Chief Technology Officer when I was only 32.

Being given the chance to make key decisions and drive our business strategy was a career-defining opportunity.”

Zaidy Ramirez

Americas Senior Director of Salesforce Managed Solutions – Peru
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